Our History

Aione II prince of Benevento of Longobard birth, who lived in the second half of the 9th century, has been the first important historical figure of Tufo. The events in which he played a leading role or that refer beck to him represent the shift from the early history to the history of this town overlooking the medium valley of the river Sabato, whose rich soil has provided sustenance to its first inhabitants and to those who came after them. Aione chose the hills behind Tufo to build a fortalice, Turris Aionis, - whose name is given to today’s town Torrioni - in order to bar the way to those who wanted to move forward to Benevento and take possession of its principality. At that time, a flourishing agricultural economy developed around the Turris Aionis and the Castle of Tufo Cruel conflicts between people in Tufo and neighbouring people trying to take possession of fortified buildings often resulted in plunders and destruction of existing crops: wheat and vineyards.