A family history

The story of the Carpenito family is that of a family of winemakers who, for six generations, with dedication, have guarded and cultivated their land on the hills of Tufo, in Irpinia.

In 2006 Angelo Carpenito with his wife Lia and brother-in-law Raffaele Izzo, decided to keep for themselves the precious grapes of their estates, until that moment supplied to the major producers of the area.

This is how the Terre d’Aione vineyard was founded, just as Pellegrino, Angelo’s father, had always wanted: a dream that becomes a project, the expression of a passion for the territory, the vineyards and their fruit, which has lasted for 150 years.

Why “Terre d’Aione”

On his way back from the vineyards, Pellegrino spent a lot of time with his children, telling them stories of ancient heroes.

He used to dwell upon the deeds of a Lombard prince, Aione II, who in the eleventh century had built a tower – Turris Aionis – stronghold for the incursions of barbarians and aggressors of other regions.

D’Aione, in Pellegrino’s story, was represented as a valiant prince who defended farmers, villages and vineyards of Tufo: a sort of guardian light of what was most dear to him.

The name of the estate is therefore a tribute to the memory of childhood that links the fruit of work in the vineyard and in the cellar to the history of the family and that of the land.